Cutting edge salmon broodstock centre opens

A NEW salmon broodstock facility is to open in Norway to address challenges in the industry through an improved quality fish, FIS reported
The centre, Nordnorsk Stamfisk (NST), in Steigen, will produce 100 million eggs a year and ensure added value of NOK 15 billion (USD 1.8 billion) in the northern aquaculture sector.
The facility, which will boast the most advanced breeding programme for salmonids to fight against lice and disease, is the result of a strategic collaboration between several large aquaculture enterprises.
Leading the project is AquaGen and also involved are three of the world’s leading producers of fish: Cermaq Norway, Northern Salmon Farming and Nova Sea.
NST chairman and Nova Sea CEO Odd Strøm stressed the fact that the strategic cooperation between Aqua Gen and leading fish producers based in northern Norway forms a unique basis for increased biosecurity, further growth, wealth creation and human resource development of the aquaculture industry in the north.
AquaGen will provide its expertise in its pioneering gene technology solutions and DNA-identification of escaped salmon.
The firm’s CEO Rolf Nordmo, said: ‘With the opening of the plant in Steigen, northern Norwegian breeders are secured access to eggs of the highest quality.
‘Together with our partners in Nordnorsk Stamfisk, AquaGen will contribute to further development of this unique genetic material.’
Cermaq’s CEO Geir Molvik, ssai: ‘The development of targeted breeding that results in the salmon best suited for the conditions of Northern Norway is very important for Cermaq.
‘The collaboration with Nordnorsk Stamfisk is a strategic partnership that enhances fish health in the region by ensuring high quality eggs, and by contributing to infectious agents not spread through breeding.’
The mayor of Steigen, Asle Schrøder, said: ‘I am proud and pleased that four of the world’s leading companies in the aquaculture industry are investing in an ultra-modern facility here.’
Fisheries minister Elisabeth Aspaker, who will officially open the new centre on September 16, said: ‘Quality breeding is a prerequisite for successful aquaculture operations, and AquaGen’s and NST’s commitment in Northern Norway is a contribution to sustainable development of the aquaculture industry.’