Croatia farms win joint certification

CROATIA’S leading aquaculture company, Cromaris, has won the first dual certification from GobalGAP and Friend of the Sea.
The two schemes formed a partnership to offer farmers joint certifications in a move to
reduce duplication, push innovation and drive down audit costs for farms.
Cromaris, which specialises in the cultivation and processing of white fish, with specific emphasis on sea bass and sea bream, and shellfish, was found compliant with the GlobalGAP Aquaculture Version 4 and the four criteria defined in the Friend of the Sea add-on.
These criteria cover the impact on water body sediment, the effect on the local community regarding access to drinking water and fishing areas, and social criteria.
The company’s headquarters, fish sorting and processing facility are located in Zadar. It has
five farms, two of which are located in Istria (northern Adriatic), and three in Zadar’s area (central Adriatic).
All farm locations are selected for their clear waters and unspoiled nature, far away from any possible contaminants.
Major investments have been underway, which rank Cromaris among the most technologically
advanced entities in the sector of sea bass and sea bream growing and processing.
‘This very first experience will be a model for a number of other beneficiary aquaculture farms,’
said Paolo Bray, director and founder of Friend of the Sea.
‘It is fundamental for certification programmes like GlobalGAP and Friend of the Sea to cooperate for the sake of our common mission – that is, the environment preservation.’
Dr Kristian Moeller, CEO of GlobalGAP, said: ‘We applaud Cromaris for being the first aquaculture farm benefiting from our global push for collaboration to reduce certification audit costs in the industry.
‘I am convinced that only through alliances like this one between GlobalGAPand Friend of the Sea we can bring the needed incentives to the entire seafood sector to invest into more safety and sustainability.’
Goran Markulin, Cromaris CEO, said: ‘Top product quality is our imperative, and these two new certificates represent yet another confirmation that strict quality standards are applied.
‘In accordance with our strategic orientation, Cromaris will continue with further investments in product quality, as well as in sustainable aquaculture, in order to preserve the resources for future generations.’