Coppens algae feed ‘huge leap forward’

COLLABORATION between two feed companies has resulted in a range of new products for the aquaculture sector.
Since Coppens International joined Alltech, several new algae products containing innovative Alltech technologies have been added to the Coppens aquatic product range.
These include the sustainable fish oil replacer ForPlus, an algae derived fish oil replacer containing very high levels of DHA omega-3 fatty acids.
Together, the two companies have also produced Bio-Mos, which increases growth and weight gain as well as improving gut health and immune function; Actigen, which is based on yeast cell walls, and supports the immune system and the overall health of the fish, and also functions as a growth promoter; and Bioplex, which optimises overall health, growth and performance using organically bound trace elements such as zinc, copper, manganese and iron.
‘Our full range of commercial feeds now contains a range of new additives, which are specially designed for the benefit of our customers,’ said Gijs Rutjes, technical sales support manager at Coppens International.
‘We have added Alltech’s ForPlus, which is not only derived from algae, but is a fully traceable and sustainable source of DHA omega-3 and a fish oil replacement.
‘Test results show that by completely replacing fish oil with ForPlus, we have been able to transfer a high amount of DHA omega-3 into the fish.
‘Due to the unsustainable global supply of fish oil, this is a huge leap forward for our aquaculture nutrition programmes.’
Among the latest innovations being unveiled, Coppens International will introduce Neogreen, a high quality, sustainable trout feed and the first on the market to contain ForPlus.
Research recently carried out by the University of Stirling showed that levels of DHA omega-3 oils in farmed salmon have fallen significantly in the past five years. DHA omega-3 produced through algae offers a viable alternative in the creation of such functional foods.
‘We are constantly innovating,’ said Rutjes. ‘At Coppens International, we are passionate about exploring new ways to ensure our customers receive the very best quality aquatic feeds.
‘Our latest range will make strides in arresting the decline in levels of DHA omega-3 in farmed fish.’