Chilean salmon exports to US double Canada’s

CHILE was the largest exporter of salmon and trout to the US in January, selling a total of 12,341 tonnes, reported Fish Farming Expert.
This represented a 0.6 per cent decrease compared to the same period in 2014, but was still almost twice as much as the Canadians.
The value of Chilean salmon exports to the US were worth US$ 121.92 million in January, a 9.9 per cent decrease compared to the US$ 135.27 million registered in first month of 2014.
Canada was in second place, exporting 6,460 tonnes, worth US$ 44.16 million – a 52.2 per cent increase in volume and an 11.3 per cent increase in value compared to January 2014.
According to the trade data published by the Fisheries Statistics Division of the NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service, Norway was in third place with sales of US$ 30.86 million and 3,255 tonnes.
Those numbers represent 41.7 and 64.2 per cent increases in value and volume, respectively.
Meanwhile, China was in fourth place, with sales of 4,264 tonnes worth US$ 28.75 million. These figures represent 12.3 and 4.6 per cent increases in value and volume, compared to January 2014.
The UK was in fifth place, with returns of US$ 8.64 million and 1,042 tonnes. Those results represent 41.0 and 31.3 per cent decreases in value and volume, respectively, compared to the first month of the past year, although sales for the whole year were up 40 per cent on 2012.
US imports of all salmon and trout products in January 2015 totalled 29,938 tonnes and were worth US$ 254.6 million.