Chefs unite to save the oceans

TWENTY chefs from some of the world’s best restaurants are to announce their commitment to Oceana’s ‘Save the Oceans: Feed the World’ campaign.
The official launch will take place in San Sebastian, Spain, on Tuesday, March 17, at the Basque Culinary Centre.
‘It is truly amazing,’ said Andoni Luiz Aduriz of Mugaritz, Spain, ‘that so many prominent chefs who are so hectically busy, are coming to San Sebastian.
‘Chefs feel passionately about the importance of wild seafood, not just on the small scale and what it brings to our kitchens, but also because of its importance to the planet.
‘I think we all just deeply feel the need to support this campaign and help make the oceans abundant again.’
Oceana is campaigning worldwide to save the oceans and feed the world.
“We are incredibly grateful that so many culinary superstars are coming together to announce their support for policy change that can help to restore the world’s oceans,’ said the organisation’s CEO Andrew F. Sharpless.
‘We believe they can help to make a huge difference for Oceana’s campaigns and the hundreds of millions of people who depend on the world’s oceans for their sustenance.’
Sharpless and Oceana will release a special digital edition of his book ‘The Perfect Protein’ at the event and the chefs will provide sustainable seafood recipes.
Sharpless will also speak on how ocean conservation is uniquely positioned to increase biodiversity and abundance, ultimately resulting in more seafood to help feed the world.