Chefs gear up for sustainable seafood demo

OVER 700 enthusiastic Scottish chefs and culinary students are set to benefit from some quick-fire interaction on sustainability from Seafood Scotland today, when they attend the Scottish Chefs Conference in Glasgow.
Now in its ninth year, the Scottish Chefs Conference is an annual event organised by Willie Pike MB and his team, which aims to bring together some of the UK’s top chefs to demonstrate their techniques and talents, and inspire the next generation of culinary leaders.
The audience will be ‘warmed up’ with a quiz to test their knowledge about Scottish species, with a prize for the winner, before Jess Sparks, Seafood Scotland’s Environmental and Technical Manager, takes the stage.
‘I want to enhance their knowledge, passion and understanding of what Scotland has to offer from their doorstep, and the efforts that industry takes to ensure it is responsibly fished and sustainable,’ said Jess.
His presentation is followed by the talented Michael Smith from the Three Chimneys restaurant on the Isle of Skye, which has just achieved its first Michelin Star. Michael will be demonstrating his signature sustainable haddock and lobster dish.
‘Scottish Seafood takes centre stage on our menus at The Three Chimneys every day, constantly inspiring our chefs and delighting our customers,’ he said.
‘Michael’s dish gives me the opportunity to discuss different fishing methods, third party MSC accreditation, which our haddock stock holds, and conservation methods such as V notching in the lobster industry, making it an excellent choice for the chefs’ education, explained Sparks.
To ensure the messaging is not lost when the chefs return to their kitchens, they will be presented with a selection of educational items, including Scottish species guides, recipe books and seasonality guides, to encourage them to include more seafood on their menus.
‘The Scottish Chefs Conference is delighted to be in partnership with Seafood Scotland, who will be providing key information and knowledge about Scottish fish and shellfish,’ said Willie Pike.
‘Up to date information and understanding about sustainable species is key for chefs when compiling menus, to ensure we give our diners the best possible choice and avoid diminished stocks or endangered fish,’ he added.
Seafood Scotland is contributing to the event as a delivery partner for the Scottish Seafood Partnership (SSP), who are funding this activity.
The SSP aims to add value to all seafood products, from net to plate, and to promote sustainable profitability of the seafood sector.
Comprehensive information about sustainable Scottish species is available on the Seafood Scotland website: