Canadian seafood receives $325m boost

THE Canadian fishing and seafood industry, including aquaculture, is to receive a $325 million shot in the arm from the federal government.
The money is being channelled through the Atlantic Fisheries Fund and will be used to develop existing collaborations between the Canadian government and Atlantic coast provinces to grow the region’s economy.
Officials said the fund will help spur innovation while helping meet global demand for sustainable, high quality fish and seafood.
An official statement said the government of Canada and the Atlantic Provinces will together develop an industry for the future.
‘It will promote engagement with indigenous communities and stakeholders will contribute to shaping the programme, developing partnerships and priority areas for investments in Canada.’
Further details on the Atlantic Fisheries Fund will be provided in the coming months.
Fisheries and Oceans minister Dominic LeBlanc said: ‘Our government is committed to working with all partners to make Canada’s fish and seafood sector more innovative, productive and sustainable -which means good middle-class jobs for Atlantic Canadians.
‘The world is demanding sustainably sourced, high quality fish and seafood products. The Atlantic Fisheries Fund will drive innovation in this sector, helping Canada meet these demands.
‘This will boost the economy and increase employment opportunities for middle-class Canadians in coastal communities.’
The statement adds: ‘The money will also be used to encourage new ways of harvesting, processing and delivering both wild caught and farm raised fish, while improving branding.
‘Better technology and infrastructure enabled by the fund will improve fish and seafood quality and sustainability,’ officials said.
‘And attention will be paid to issues such as sea warming and its effect on fish stocks.’