Campbells agrees salmon deal with Aldi

CAMPBELLS has announced a major expansion of its seafood sales to supermarket Aldi.
The family owned company, based near Linlithgow, West Lothian, will supply more than 140,000 packs of Scottish salmon during the next year to the fast growing discount chain, it was reported by Glasgow’s Herald this morning.
The salmon is being sourced by Shetland’s Finest but is to be processed and hand filleted by staff at Campbells.
It will then go to Aldi stores around Scotland as part of its Specially Selected range. The packs will retail at £3.79.
Christopher Campbell, managing director at Campbells, said: ‘This deal with Aldi is a great extension of what we have been doing with them over the last couple of years.
‘Our partnership with Shetland’s Finest means that we are bringing the best locally sourced salmon to the market and this is something that really appeals to Aldi and their customers.
‘Our other lines have done really well in the past and we hope that this is no different.’
Campbells, which has been working with Aldi since 2012, is also supplying a salmon and sauce product along with a smoked haddock one and a cod in parsley sauce.
It has also provided the likes of ling and pollack.
During 2014 its seafood contract with Aldi was said to be worth in the region £400,000.
Richard Holloway, managing director for Aldi in Scotland, said: ‘Working with Campbells has been a great experience.
‘The salmon, which will now be a part of our Specially Selected range, is some of the best sourced in Scotland and we know that high quality products sourced locally are very important to our customers.’