Brookside Products announces closure

The Marine Harvest-owned Brookside Products in Cumbria, which smokes, prepares and packages salmon, is to close.
IN A statement today, Doug Aitchison, Director of Brookside Products explained: ‘Unfortunately there is no good news. The 30 day consultation period has passed and whilst initially there seemed to be a reasonable level of interest in the facility, discussions with interested parties have now come to an end and no formal offers have been received.
‘We have explored all the options and there seems to be no viable alternatives. Sadly, this means the facility will now close. We are sorry this has happened and we have done everything we can to avoid closure, unfortunately to no avail.
‘On a more positive note, during the consultation period, we had discussions with other companies in our parent group as well as local businesses and support agencies with a view to redeployment and we are pleased to confirm that more than one third of the 64 employees have already found alternatives.
‘Some have transferred to jobs elsewhere in the Group and others have found work with other local employers. We have today had a meeting with the staff representatives and made direct contact with all the remaining employees to explain the position.
‘We are very sorry we will have to close the factory but we have no alternative given the substantial losses in recent years. This is a sad day for us all.’