BioMar finds ‘perfect match’ in Chile unit

DANISH feed company BioMar has signed an agreement to purchase 30 per cent of the Lenca research centre from Aquainnovo, Chile, broadening its network of global research centres.
Renamed Aquaculture Technology Centre Patagonia (ATC Patagonia), the facility has capacity for a broad range of trials on different species and nutritional projects, enabling BioMar to further the development of functional feeds and fish welfare.
The centre can also be used for research based on genetic resistance challenges and pathogen and parasite trials for therapeutic and preventive treatments, and for gaining new knowledge on recirculation technology systems, assessment of chemical products, development of vaccines and product registration studies in general.
Matias Del Campo, general manager of Aquainnovo, said: ‘Aquainnovo has a state-of-the-art infrastructure and proven record of applied trials.
‘Our team of specialists is permanently supporting our customers by being effective in developing solutions to the main technological challenges in the industry.
‘This initiative will strengthen the technological development thanks to the synergy of knowledge that is being brought in from both companies.
‘Our research centre is strongly specialised in trials for product development and validation. I am convinced that this will enhance our current offer of contract research services, which will remain open for the global aquaculture industry producers and suppliers.’
Havard Jorgensen, BioMar’s global director of R&D, said: ‘We are proud to have reached an agreement on an initiative of this level and importance in Chile. BioMar is constantly making efforts to improve our innovation capacity.’
He said the centre is ‘a perfect match’ for the company’s existing feed trial units in Central America and Europe.
‘Undoubtedly, ATC Patagonia will create a positive impact on global feed development. Our highly qualified team of researchers and scientists very much look forward to using this centre for their trials.’
The 2.5 ha centre, located 33 km from Puerto Montt, on the banks of the river Lenca, was created in 2011 and further improved in 2015.
More than 16 trials can be run simultaneously, including nutrition and feeding, parasites, pathogens and other multi-used areas.
Picture: Inside the Aquaculture Technology Centre Patagonia (ATC Patagonia) in Chile