Award for responsible cod fishery

THE big Grimsby based seafood processor Icelandic Seachill has applauded its fishermen and fellow partners in the industry group that won the 2017 Responsible Business Oceans Award for its commitment to sustainable fishing.
The award was presented in recognition of the self-imposed precautionary ban on cod fishing in potentially vulnerable areas of the northern part of the North-East Atlantic.
Icelandic Seachill, which owns the hugely successful brand, the Saucy Fish Co,  praised  the fishermen and the other leading industry partners who have worked together to achieve the agreement.
Technical and corporate social responsibility director Nigel Edwards said:  ‘Icelandic Seachill are extremely proud to be included in the award; it was a privilege to play a part in this landmark agreement by the responsible fishermen who catch and care for the cod we all enjoy.
‘We want to add our thanks for their willing commitment to care for the environment in the pristine waters of the Arctic.
‘This will also help to secure the long term sustainability of the fishery as demonstrated by its certification to the Marine Stewardship Council standard.’
The company said the importance of this grouping is such that anyone fishing in these waters cannot sell their catch to the signatories to the agreement, which includes not just the Russian harvesting sector, but also Norwegian fishing organisations such as Fiskebat, the vessel owners’ federation.
This grouping represents 90 per cent of Norway’s ocean going fishing fleet, along with frozen food producers such as Birds Eye, Findus, Iglo and Young’s Seafood; the Danish company Espersen (Europe’s largest processor of frozen fish); McDonald’s; Icelandic Seachill, a leading supplier of chilled fish to the UK retail market; and the British supermarket chains Asda, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.