£34,000 boost for Tri-Pack salmon project

A £34,000 grant is helping  the Grimsby company Tri-Pack Plastics develop a new box to package salmon for one of the world’s leading producers . The new could not have come at a more perfect  time as Tri-Pack Plastics is  celebrating 40 years  in  business.
It is currently working on the new salmon box design, and has secured a £34,400 Regional Growth Fund grant to purchase a further machine to increase production capacity at its Grimsby site.  It is the latest cheque from the Growing
The Humber Fund, managed by North East Lincolnshire Council, and comes as the business, based on a fully recyclable product, continues to expand in Africa and America.
Stephen Clarke, managing director at Tri-Pack Plastics said the company was working  with one of the world’s leading salmon producers and processors  (who are not yet being named) ) with the aim of developing a new style of box for them. But we also currently have a strong global business at  least 40 per cent of our products all over Europe, and the North Atlantic region.
He added: “Previous exports to North America and South Africa have led to new ventures inspired by the product and part owned by Tri-Pack, in Toledo, Ohio where Coolseal USA is up and running, and in Cape Town where Coolseal South Africa is now fully operational.
“There’s increased demand for recyclable packaging, and supermarkets are throwing their weight behind this product, which gives us the confidence to invest for our future.”
Since it was founded in 1974, Tri-Pack Plastics has been producing specialised packaging solutions for the seafood industry. In recent years, its Coolseal brand has dominated the local polypropylene market allowing it to compete with the larger expanded polystyrene box manufacturers.
The boxes provide a solution to the growing environmental problem of difficult to recycle materials. Coolseal products can be totally recycled, with the packaging and off-cuts from the process recovered, shredded, pelletised, re-extruded into sheets, then re-manufactured, all of which is done locally.
Mr Clarke said Coolseal solutions are also more efficient to transport – one lorry load of flat-packed boxes is the equivalent of five lorry loads of expanded polystyrene that would hold the same amount of seafood.
Councillor Ray Oxby, North East Lincolnshire  (Grimsby) Council portfolio holder for regeneration , said: “Tri-Pack Plastics has been an established business in the town for many years now. “
He added: “I’m delighted we’re able to help support this company in their venture, particularly with the drive toward greener products – something dear to my own heart.”