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Young’s issues strong defence of fish farming14 January, 2011 –

YOUNG’S Seafood has come out with a strong defence of aquaculture, saying it is very important that people get their facts right about salmon farming.

The parent company Findus, which is a major user of Scottish farmed salmon through subsidiaries like Macrae and Pinney’s of Scotland, last night issued a statement pointing out that fish farming was an ancient practice which has existed for thousands of years. The statement appears to be a riposte to some of the recent criticisms on TV about fish farming

The Grimsby based producer: “It (aquaculture) is also a very efficient way of farming food that is now more relevant than ever in addressing the world’s food sustainability challenges into the future. So it’s very important that we get the facts straight about aquaculture and salmon farming in particular – so that everyone can continue to enjoy this healthy food in the knowledge that it is responsibly farmed and sustainable.

“All fish is a fantastic source of protein, it is healthy and nutritious. Salmon in particular is a great food – an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, low in saturated fat, calories and cholesterol. We want to ensure that this important food continues to remain affordable and readily accessible to everyone in the UK.”

Young’s added: “Our business only buys salmon from quality producers who operate in a sustainable and ethical way. We have stringent codes of practice and we apply these rigorously to our suppliers – in line with our Fish for Life approach to responsible seafood, and our Ten Principles for Responsible Fish Procurement – which apply equally to aquaculture as to wild caught fish.”