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The non-electric company20 May, 2014 –

AQUALINE has introduced a news antistatic feed pipe, with full documentation from SINTEF Energi.Aqualine with new antistatic feed pipe.

A number of fish farmers experience great problems and challenges with static electricity in feed pipes. So, in close co-operation with Hallingplast and SINTEF Energi, Aqualine has now succeeded in developing a feed pipe which solves the problem.

The quality is sturdy and withstands the normal forces which are at work during transport, assembly and use.

SINTEF Energi has carried out a number of electrical measurements. The results from the measurements show that the resistance along 150mm long hose varied from about 650kΩ to 60kΩ.

For crosswise hose measurements, a section of the pipe was cut out. On each side of the section, electrodes covering an area of 84 cm2 were placed. Here, about 250Ω was measured between the electrodes.

Even if the resistance measurements showed higher values than the data sheet for the material of the hose indicates, the measured resistance is nevertheless as low that charges which were deposited inside the pipe during transportation of feed are quickly conducted away from the interior surface of the hose.

This eliminates the risk of the formation of static charges inside the hose both in the day-to-day operations as well as when cutting the feeding hose.

It is important that the feeding pipe has adequate contact with the sea and conducting work platforms to remove any charges.