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The Jury has spoken!02 July, 2013 –

AQUA NOR Innovation Award 2013

Salmon lice and escapes are important issues for the industry and for the supplier industries.

Director of the Nor-Fishing Foundation, Mr. Ola Eriksen, announced today that there are 19 highly qualified applicants for this year’s Innovation Award. Normally, the Jury selects three candidates for the final selection round, but because of the exceptional and many good projects this year, the Jury has asked the Board of the Foundation to include four candidates in the final round.

The Jury, which this year consists of Mr. Kjell Maroni (The Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Fund), Mr. Jan Birger Jørgensen (Assistant Secretary General of the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association) and Mr. Oddvar Staulen (Senior Advisor of Innovation Norway), commented that several of the applicants have submitted projects that focus on fighting salmon lice, preferably without the use of chemicals. There is also increased focus on safeguarding against escapes from farming installations. Both of these issues are central challenges to the fish farming industry as well as the equipment and technology industries.

This year’s finalists:

Beck Engineering AS from Oslo have developed a system using cameras, software programmesand laser which remove salmon lice gently from the salmon in the cages. The system can also be used to count the number of lice in the installation.

Aqualine AS in Trondheim presents a newly developed cage system, «Aqualine Midgard System», which is significantly more effective against escapes, and which has made great strides in improving health, environment and safety conditions in the installations. The system also allows operations in exposed localities with tough weather conditions.

Marel HF from Nørresundby in Denmark has developed a packaging line that automatically cuts identical weight portions, and a robot that inserts the portions in the packaging material. This system will reduce operational costs by 20% compared to a manual operation.

Trust Fish Ingenieria from Puerto Varas in Chile has developed an environmentally important system that handles dead fish in nurseries. The fish is minced and ensilaged in a tank before being dried with the help of radio frequencies. The weight is reduced by 80% and the final product can be used as a source of protein or as fertiliser.

The winner of the Aqua Nor Innovation Award will receive NOK 100,000, a diploma and a work of art, and the winner will be presented on the opening day, 13th August 2013.

For more information, please contact:

Director Ola Eriksen, phone: +47 922 03 415, E-mail: