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The Canadian salmon disaster21 March, 2014 –

A POWER failure at the Sustainable Fish Farming (Canada) Ltd land-based aquaculture site in Centre Burlington has led to the death of 12,000 market-ready salmon.

Commenting on the loss company CEO, Kirk Havercroft said: ‘It is a bitterly disappointing setback for our undertaking as we were about to deliver these salmon to customers.’

‘It’s clearly a significant loss in revenue as the salmon were doing exceptionally well and we had customers for all 30,000 kilograms when they were ready for delivery in April and May,’ he added.

Whilst the exact financial implications of the disaster – which was apparently due to the recent installation of a new power supply, components of which failed for around six hours – has not been calculated, losses are in the range of CAD $350,000.

 He said partners in the venture had not had time to calculate the exact financial loss, except to say that there was a huge amount of local interest in the land-farmed salmon that were expected to fetch between $10 and $12 a kilogram, potentially putting the loss in the range of about $350,000.

Havercroft said he and his partners in the land-based aquaculture operation are devastated with the loss, the result of a Saturday morning power failure, but convinced at the same time of the validity of their growing system.

To add to the company’s misery, the salmon were not insured.