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TENDER NOTICE01 August, 2014 –

Secretariat Services

05 December 2014 – 04 December 2015

The North Sea Advisory Council (NSAC) is seeking bids from appropriately experienced individuals or organisations to provide Secretariat services from 05 December 2014 to 04 December 2015.

The NSAC Secretariat is tasked with the day-to-day running of NSAC. It is not responsible for policy decision-making, which is the preserve of the NSAC’s decision-making bodies.

For further information and to access the tender documentation please visit the NSAC website; http://NSAC.org/keydocs/tender-notice-NSAC-rapporteur-2012-2013/

Tender bids must be returned to the NSAC by 12.00noon Monday 1st September 2014.