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SSC acquire shares in West Minch Salmon 20 July, 2010 –

THE Scottish Salmon Company (SCC) have acquired the shares in West Minch Salmon Limited, a leading independent salmon farming company based in the Outer Hebrides.

Eleven sites in South Harris, North Uist and Benbecula will be transferred to The Scottish Salmon Company.  In the coming months, the two organisations will be working together in conjunction with other stakeholders “to make the best use” of these farm consents.

West Minch Salmon will continue trading in its current form, supplying bespoke organic, fresh or filleted salmon to international seafood suppliers, supermarket chains, independent retailers and specialist restauranteurs.

It marks another significant step forward for The Scottish Salmon Company (formerly Lighthouse Caledonia), which has undergone a major restructuring over the past 18 months. The expanded operation underpins what the company say are its plans to create a “stable and sustainable year-on-year business” in the rural communities of the Hebrides and build an independent Hebridean brand.

The Scottish Salmon Company is the largest independent producer of Scottish salmon, currently producing over 24,000 tonnes a year – approximately 20% of Scottish salmon – for both local and international markets.

Mike Corbett, CEO of The Scottish Salmon Company said:“West Minch Salmon has a worldwide reputation for producing excellent quality salmon and this is an important deal for The Scottish Salmon Company as we continue to build the company on high environmental standards, taste, freshness and the provenance of our stock.”

West Minch Salmon Limited was established in 1985 by Angus MacMillan, a leading force in the development of the Scottish salmon farming industry in the mid 1980s. The deal with The Scottish Salmon Company will be phased, allowing the two organisations to work together to ensure a smooth and successful integration of operations and environmental management systems, critical to the production of West Minch’s organic products. Angus MacMillan will remain as Managing Director of the company and will continue to be responsible day to day matters.

Angus MacMillan of West Minch Salmon said:“This deal is a perfect fit for the two companies at this time of economic uncertainty.  This will allow investment opportunities in the Hebrides, increase employment opportunities at all levels of production, processing and management.  The strategic aim of the company is to conduct as much of the business as possible on the Islands and expand the unique niche market profile that has been established over many years.  This is a highly significant investment for the Hebrides, Scotland and the UK export market.”

The Scottish Salmon Company is the largest independent producer of Scottish salmon, providing superior salmon to both the local and international markets.

It is engaged in all stages of the value chain from smolt production to harvesting, processing and sales. Operating from 37 sites on the Hebrides and West Coast of Scotland, from the Isle of Lewis in the north to Arran in the south, the company currently employs nearly 250 staff.

The Scottish Salmon Company currently produces about 24,000 tonnes of Scottish salmon annually – 20% of the Scottish market.

Formerly, Lighthouse Caledonia, the company was re-launched on 12 July 2010 following a major restructuring, to create a corporate entity which best suits the company’s future strategy for stability and growth. The new structure will allow the company to develop an efficient and forward-thinking business that is focussed upon developing its presence in Scotland.