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Spanish aquaculture producers to promote meagre01 July, 2011 –

THE Spanish Association of Marine Aquaculture Producers, APROMAR, commissioned the Andalusian Aquaculture Technology Centre, Ctaqua, to complete a study on the production and market for meagre in Spain, focused on developing proposals to promote the consumption of the species in this country.

As a species, meagre has strong aquaculture potential thanks to its organoleptic characteristics and optimum growth conditions. However, consumer’s lack of knowledge about meagre is delaying its presence in the Spanish market.With this initiative, APROMAR aims to obtain a diagnostic of the current situation concerning the market for meagre and production of this species, as well as an evaluation of its potential and consumer perception.

Ctaqua is currently developing the study, “Proposals to promote consumption of meagre (Argyrosomus regius)”, which will be completed at the end of July. The study is being financed by the Regulation and Organization Fund for the Fish and Marine Cultures Market (FROM) and by APROMAR. Once the conclusions of the study have been obtained, Ctaqua, in collaboration with APROMAR, will develop a series of recommendations and proposals for the sector. These proposals will help the sector to adopt strategic decisions about the production of this species.