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Shellfish harvesting prohibited in Cantabria13 September, 2011 –

The harvesting of bivalve molluscs, clams, mussels and razor shells, in the Bay of Santander and Abra del Pas, Cantabria, has been been prohibited temporaraily by the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development as a consequence of DSP biotoxin presence.

The area will be reopened when DSP biotoxin levels, or ‘red tide’ as it is known, are below those established as safe m.eantime there will be constant sampling of the water

The biotoxins appear as a result of natural causes because of an outbreak of large concentrations of specific types of microalgae in marine waters consumed by bivalves.

Contaminated bivalve molluscs can cause intestinal discomfort in humans, experts warn.

So far, the Galician mussel industry has not suffered significant economic loss, as the mollusc that remains on the strings of the rafts can be sold as soon as the situation normalizes.