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Seafish makes key aquaculture appointment08 March, 2010 –

SEAFISH, the UK industry authority on seafood, is stepping up its interest in aquaculture, one of the fastest growing sectors in marine food.

Seafish has just announced that it has it has appointed Richard Prickett in a consultancy capacity to advise on various aspects of marine finfish aquaculture. The number of new fish farms in Britain is now increasing at an impressive rate with many agricultural farmers going into the business.

Richard’s career in marine finfish aquaculture has spanned over 35 years. He has worked for several companies including Golden Sea Produce Ltd (later Norsk Hydro) in Scotland, Shearwater Fish Farming Ltd (BOC and later Seafarm AS) in the Isle of Man and Europe and the Oslo listed company Marine Farms ASA of Bergen. More recently he set up his own consultancy company, RSP Services Ltd.

His expertise is mostly in the technical, financial and managerial aspects of hatchery and in the ongoing production of a variety of marine species such as turbot, sole, southern flounder, sea bass, sea bream, cod, snapper and cobia.

Dr Paul Williams, Research Director at Seafish said: “This appointment will enable us to build our knowledge in a variety of aspects of the aquaculture sector”, “We have restructured our aquaculture team following the departure of Sue Utting at the end of last year. We believe his considerable experience and close ties with the supply and production industries will help us respond to developments in this growing sector of the seafood industry.”

Dr Williams added: “This appointment also coincides with the development of a new Seafish forum. The Aquaculture Common Issues Group brings together interested parties to develop consensus positions on a range of issues affecting the finfish and shellfish aquaculture industry.”