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Scottish Salmon Co chief speaks of pride as business celebrates first anniversary04 August, 2011 –

A SENIOR executive at the Scottish Salmon Company has expressed his pride in what has been achieved as the business celebrates its first anniversary.

Stewart McLelland, chief operating officer at the company, said: “We have come a long way in the space of a year and for a very young company, I am proud of our achievements. We are a Scottish business and understand and care for the communities and environments in which we live and work.”

Since it was formed last summer, the company has been developing  international export markets as well as its position in the local market place.The Scottish Salmon Company says it is committed to the local areas and has also worked hard to refurbish and reopen its processing facility in Stornoway with an investment of over £3million. It has also invested millions of pounds in farm infrastructure throughout the Hebrides and the west coast of Scotland.

Mr McLelland said: “”To continue providing a strong and sustainable business, we will develop new and existing farm sites to meet the demands from new and existing customers. This in turn will provide local employment and economic support.

“The process for developing potential farm sites has begun and we are keen to engage with local communities, many where we already live and work, to highlight the benefits of salmon farming.”

Achievements include increasing staff numbers in the Hebrides by over 100 people in both farming and processing operations and has a local employability policy. There is also a commitment to supporting local communities and culture.

Through its healthy living initiative,  the company has donated £25,000 in the Mid Argyll Community Pool’s ‘Learn to Swim’ initiative and supported the establishment of the George Kerr Junior Judo School in Stornoway, which has 75 members and supported judo sessions being brought to a number of schools in the Hebrides.

The company has a Gaelic policy and is planning to launch a Gaelic culture and living initiative. It was also recently named Scotland’s Best Marine Aquaculture Company at the Scottish Marine Aquaculture Awards, sponsored by the Crown Estate.

Earlier this week the company welcomed Scotland’s Environment Minister Stewart Stevenson.