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Norwegian seafood exports hit new record in 201007 January, 2011 –

EXPORTS of Norwegian seafood have set a new record in value for the seventh year running with fish farming playing an increased role, it was announced last night.

As predicted earlier this year, they soared to 53.8 billion kroners (around £5.5-billion sterling). The increase was nine billion kroners higher than the 2009 figure, which itself was a record.

The Norwegian Seafood Export Council said that the country exported a total of 2.7 million tons of seafood in 2010, an increase of 93 thousand tons, compared with the previous year.

The demand for salmon and trout in particular has been strong, with an increase in export value of 29 per cent. This means that fish farming represents 62 per cent of the total Norwegian seafood exports. The export of traditional codfish products also show an increase, says Export Council  chief executive Terje E. Martinussen.

France and Russia are the largest markets for Norwegian seafood. However, China, including Hong Kong, was the fastest growing market in 2010. Exports of salmon in a single month last autumn totalled £320-million alone.

Sales of Norwegian salmon to the US in particular have rocketed since the Chile salmon disease outbreak 18 months ago. But it also being helped by the oil crisis in the Gulf where large areas of water were closed off to fishing for several months , leading to a seafood shortage in some areas.

Fish buyers on the Humber are trying to persuade the Norwegians to send  more cod and haddock to the region, following the drop off in supplies from Iceland. A visit to Grimsby by Norwegian fish exporters at the beginning of December had to be abandoned because of heavy snow. But the organisers plan to re-stage early this year.