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 Fish Farmer » NEWS TODAY!  Marine Harvest appoints new group director10 August, 2010 –

Marine Harvest ASA has appointed Ola Brattvoll (born 1968) as Group Director for the new Business Unit Global Sales & Distribution. The new Business Unit will be in operation from 1. January 2011.

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Sustainable footing is the aim04 August, 2010 –

Putting Scotland’s £400 million salmon farming industry, and the rest of the industry worldwide, on a more sustainable footing is the aim of new draft global standards published yesterday.

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Applications sought04 August, 2010 –

THE Irish Sea Fisheries Board, BIM, has opened applications for The Commercial Aquaculture Development Scheme.

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Testing of new processing techniques03 August, 2010 –

TESTING of a new bleeding method in combination with superchilling has shown very promising results for pre-rigor filleted farmed cod.

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Nutreco confident for future on back of results30 July, 2010 –

ANIMAL nutrition and fish feed giant Nutreco has recorded “excellent” revenues of €2.25 billion (£1.88 billion) for the first half of 2010. Pre-tax profits were €84 million and an interim dividend of €0.50 in cash or shares was declared.

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EGM to confirm dividend plans22 July, 2010 –

MARINE Harvest today confirmed plans for an extraordinary general meeting on August 23, following yesterday’s announcement of the company’s performance in the first half of this year.

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SSC acquire shares in West Minch Salmon 20 July, 2010 –

THE Scottish Salmon Company (SCC) have acquired the shares in West Minch Salmon Limited, a leading independent salmon farming company based in the Outer Hebrides.

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Fewer salmon promotions in the US 20 July, 2010 –

THE effects of higher salmon prices are now noticeable even in the US where the number of supermarkets offering farmed salmon on promotion is noticeably down, according to a firm of industry watchers.

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“Misconception” says Findus15 July, 2010 –

YOUNG’S/FINDUS has hit back at a newspaper report which claimed fish stocks would near extinction by 2050.

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Restrictions “under review,” says Lochhead14 July, 2010 –

SCOTTISH Fisheries Secretary Richard Lochhead revealed today that some of the so-called emergency measures, imposed by the European Commission on the West of Scotland, are under review.

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Marine Harvest statement13 July, 2010 –

IN CONNECTION with the presentation of its Q1 2010 results, Marine Harvest released a statement saying it guided a total harvest volume of 68,000 tonnes of “head on gutted equivalents” for Q2 2010. The figures include salmonid species only.

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Threat posed to native stocks 07 July, 2010 –

THE Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has helped fishermen at Selsey on the English south coast to publicise a problem they are having with non-native American lobsters.

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Seminar to discuss market reform 07 July, 2010 –

TODAY, the European Commission is holding a large stakeholder seminar focussed on “The Reform of the Market Policy on Fishery and Aquaculture Products”.

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Awards for Scottish Sea Farms 07 July, 2010 –

SCOTTISH Sea Farms Ltd, sole supplier of Lochmuir™ Salmon to Marks & Spencer was given double recognition  in M&S’ annual Plan A awards ceremony which took place at the Royal Highland Show in June.

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Another step closer05 July, 2010 –

THE Scottish Salmon Company Ltd (SSC) has announced the successful completion of an exchange offer to acquire all the shares of Lighthouse Caledonia ASA (LHC).

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Birds Eye confirm interest in Findus Italy 05 July, 2010 –

BIRDS EYE have confirmed that it is interested in acquiring Findus Italy, the big European frozen seafood and frozen food business.

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Scottish Sea Farms scoops double accolade from M&S in annual plan a awards05 July, 2010 –

Scottish Sea Farms Ltd (SSF), one of Scotland’s leading fish farming businesses and sole supplier of Lochmuir™ Salmon to Marks & Spencer was given double recognition  in M&S’ annual Plan A awards ceremony which took place at the Royal Highland Show last week (24 June 2010).

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MSC to identify challenges30 June, 2010 –

THE Marine Stewardship Council is holding a meeting titled “The Sustainable Seafood Arena and the MSC” on 28 September.

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Lice trials look promising30 June, 2010 –

NORWEGIAN aquaculture research organisation Nofima says its attempts to overcome the lice problems that have plagued the country’s salmon industry are “in full swing”.

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Petition demanding action28 June, 2010 –

LAST week, Lord Steel presented a 17,000 signature salmon farming petition to the Scottish Parliament.

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Fines for owners and master £11k28 June, 2010 –

THE master and owners of the Newlyn beam trawler Nellie, pleaded guilty to a total of seven logbook offences at Camborne Magistrates Court on 24 June.

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Aker Seafoods appoints Farstad as new CEO25 June, 2010 –

THOMAS Farstad, currently acting CEO of Marine Harvest, has been appointed as the new president and CEO of Aker Seafoods ASA.

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Michelle Gildernew Minister and Commissioner discuss N. I. fishing industry25 June, 2010 –

NORTHERN Ireland’s Fisheries Minister Michelle Gildernew has met with EU Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki in Brussels, ahead of next week’s Fisheries Council which will be held in Luxembourg.

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Fish Farming must play a significant role25 June, 2010 –

FISH farming must play a significant role in future food security.

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Shetland Show a great success22 June, 2010 –

EVENT organisers and participants have heralded this year’s Flavour of Shetland event on Victoria Pier, Lerwick a great success, despite the elements.

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Whale found dead in Gulf of Mexico18 June, 2010 –

A DEAD sperm whale has been found floating 77 miles south of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Bluefin farming closer – Skretting18 June, 2010 –

FISH feed company Skretting has announced it has developed a feed concept for bluefin tuna that brings ever closer the goal of breeding and rearing this much sought-after fish in captivity.

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Calls on EU to avoid red tape18 June, 2010 –

SNP MEP and Party President Ian Hudghton has called on the EU to avoid red tape and centralisation which would be damaging for Scotland’s aquaculture production as plans were discussed in Strasbourg for an EU Aquaculture Strategy.

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Electronic Edition of Fish Farmer Magazine available now18 June, 2010 –

You can now read the whole of Fish Farmer Magazine online as a digital edition as soon as it is published.It costs £44 per year and you will have access to the magazine archive for the duration of your subscription. This archive normally contains the last six issues.Click here to go to the subscription page for more details and a sample issue

Aqua Sur 2010 – Chile Aquaculture Investment Mission/Tour17 June, 2010 –

The Aquaculture Communications Group (ACG) is currently planning an Aquaculture Investment Mission/Tour in conjunction with Aqua Sur 2010 October 20-23 in Puerto Montt, Chile. Here is your opportunity to experience the premiere Chilean aquaculture industry event, with about 300+ stands representing more than 900 companies from over 40 countries looking to do business in Chile.

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NO to EU Centralised Aquaculture Management17 June, 2010 –

SNP MEP and Party President Ian Hudghton has called on the EU to avoid red tape and centralisation which would be damaging for Scotland’s aquaculture production as plans were discussed in Strasbourg for an EU Aquaculture Strategy.

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Aquaculture expected to become ‘dominant’11 June, 2010 –

ON THE final day of the AquaVision conference in Stavanger, Norway, Professor Frank Asche said he expected aquaculture to become the dominant seafood supplier within a decade or two.

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Exceptional bravery awards for crews11 June, 2010 –

LIFEBOAT crews from Kirkwall and Dunbar are to be presented with special awards for exceptional bravery by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution at the charity’s Scottish Annual Meeting in Perth today. The awards will be presented by Admiral The Lord Boyce, Chairman of the RNLI.

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Detailed proposals sought11 June, 2010 –

THE Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is seeking detailed proposals from qualified consultants to review MSC Scheme Documents.

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Aquaculture will Increase Investments in Reputation09 June, 2010 –

Aquaculture needs to invest more in its reputation. That was the conclusion of an instant poll during the aquaculture conference AquaVision in Stavanger, Norway, on Tuesday 8 June. Voting in the audience were the top leaders of the world’s main fish farming companies and aquaculture stakeholders.

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Executive Director honoured with leadership award09 June, 2010 –

BC Salmon Farmers Association Executive Director Mary Ellen Walling has been honoured by her local business community with the non-profit business leader of the year award, granted this weekend.

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Triple triumph for Aquaculture UK 201008 June, 2010 –

Aquaculture UK 2010 at Aviemore succeeded as a place to do business, to network and to catch up with all the latest developments.

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Fusion wins farm contract 08 June, 2010 –

SCOTTISH manufacturer Fusion Marine has won an order to supply aquaculture equipment for a new tilapia farm in Ghana in the first modernisation project of this type for the West African country.

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Maria Damanaki European Fish Week launched 07 June, 2010 –

A YEAR after OCEAN2012 came to life, and coinciding with World Oceans Day tomorrow (8 June), the 70-member coalition dedicated to transforming European fisheries policy is launching the first ever European Fish Week.

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More samples analysed07 June, 2010 –

DUE to an increased use of the delousing agents diflubenzuron and teflubenzuron in fish farming in 2009, the National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research has examined additional filets from a total of 205 farmed fish for residues of diflubenzuron and teflubenzuron, on behalf of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. These extra samples are in addition to the regular surveillance of these substances in fish farming. The results of the additional analyses showed no residues of diflubenzuron or teflubenzuron. This is consistent with the result from the regular surveillance programme.

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Aquaculture has a key role to play01 June, 2010 –

TORGER Børresen and Joop Luten, president and vice-president of the EU-supported SEAFOODplus Research Platform, say aquaculture has a key role to play in delivering healthy food for consumers.

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Aquaculture Institutes conference01 June, 2010 –

THE Institute of Aquaculture will hold its second research conference at the University of Stirling on Monday 28 June 2010.

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£1m of grants awarded 01 June, 2010 –

GRANTS worth almost £1 million have been awarded to a number of English fishing companies from the European Fisheries Fund and Marine Management Organisation, formerly the Marine and Fisheries Agency.

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Best practice in action01 June, 2010 –

THE restocking of a large salmon-growing area off the south-west coast of Shetland has been hailed as an example for “best practice in action”.

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Seafish welcomes recommendation26 May, 2010 –

SEAFISH, the authority on seafood, has responded to the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) Trilogy Report.

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Salmar to buy 75% of RaumaGruppen26 May, 2010 –

THE Norway based salmon farming company, SalMar ASA has agreed the conditions for the purchase of 75% of a smaller company, Raumagruppen AS.

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Brussels declared a success26 May, 2010 –

THE 18th annual European Seafood Exposition and 12th annual Seafood Processing Europe just came to an end following an exciting three days, 27 through 29 April, in Brussels, Belgium.

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Thomas Farstad Top executives to speak at AquaVision25 May, 2010 –

THE top executives of global aquaculture giants, Marine Harvest, AKVA Group, Marine Farms and Nutreco are all on the speakers list at the aquaculture business conference AquaVision 2010 in Stavanger, Norway, 7–9 June.

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Crack down on illegal pearl fishing25 May, 2010 –

AN operation by wildlife crime officers has been launched to crack down on the illegal destruction of Scotland’s freshwater pearl mussels.

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Juniper smoked salmon steaks 25 May, 2010 –

THE Norwegian seafood company, Taste of North, have used Nofima’s sensory panel to have their new juniper smoked salmon steaks product analysed.

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