New net cleaning system creates six new Scottish Salmon Company jobs – Fishfarmer Magazine

New net cleaning system creates six new Scottish Salmon Company jobs 18 June, 2013 –

Six new full time jobs have been created by The Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) across Portree, Loch Torridon and Loch Carron.

The new recruits will make up two teams responsible for a new Netwashing system brought in by SSC to support its continuous development of fish welfare measures.

Team one is made up of three experienced fish farming operatives including a Team Leader from Lewis supported by two Netwashing operatives, both of whom are from Harris and will travel by ferry from Stornoway to Ullapool to get to work on the mainland.

Team two comprises of another Team Leader and two Operatives, one of whom is from Skye and the other from Harris.

The new system will allow the nets surrounding the fish farm pens to be cleaned of any seaweed and potential shellfish growth, which can hinder the flow of water, without having to take the nets out the water.

This will enable SSC to maintain the best possible conditions for its salmon which incorporates the company’s dedication to its environmental responsibilities.

North regional manager at SSC, David Taylor, said: “This cleaning system has been developed and improved over the last couple of years and we’ve been waiting for the right time to introduce it on our farms. We wanted to make sure it was fully developed and would be an advantage to our operations and the well-being of our fish.

“The system will speed up the process of net cleaning, by cleaning nets in situ, without the need to remove nets from site. Having the ability to keep nets clean 100% of the time will provide even better oxygen supplies for the salmon and improves the flow of water through the pens.

“Following this trial we plan to roll the system out across more of our sites potentially creating even more jobs for the local communities.”

These new positions will increase the number employed by the Scottish Salmon Company to 373. SSC’s workforce currently covers a wide range of disciplines located in remote rural areas of the West Coast of Scotland, the Highlands and in the Hebrides.

Previously the nets were taken out and sent to an external company in Ayrshire to be cleaned and sent back.