Micanti deploys Thorn-D®-cage at Lighthouse Caledonia – Fishfarmer Magazine

Micanti deploys Thorn-D®-cage at Lighthouse Caledonia12 May, 2010 – Thorn-D®-cage being deployed

Lighthouse Caledonia is one of the major players within the Salmon Farming Industry to adapt the concept of non toxic antifouling. Micanti has introduced its non toxic antifouling in August 2009 in the salmon market.

Besides advantages like costs-savings and environmental friendliness, the main feature for Lighthouse Caledonia is the easiness for working with Thorn-D®. The net can stay in the water as no cleaning will be needed during the lifetime of the net. This will benefit the people working on the site and to allow them  to focus on fish farming.

The cage has been deployed on April 27th at a site of the Isle of Arran. The Isle of Arran is known for its heavy marine growth and therefore an ideal test-location according to Eric Pieters, commercial Director of Micanti BV.

Thorn-D®-cage successfully deployed

Lighthouse Caledonia and Micanti agreed to allow professional visitors to follow the developments at the site. Invitations will be sent out in the coming period. The developments can be followed through Micanti’s website as well: www.micanti.com

Micanti’s CEO, Dr. Ir. Rik Breur, will give a lecture at Aquaculture UK (May 19th-20th) detailing the working principle of Thorn-D®.