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Marine trout farming in south-west England23 July, 2014 –

THE British Trout Association (BTA) is engaged in a public/private consortium with representatives from the Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (Cefas) and The Crown Estate (TCE) as part of a project team to explore the possibility of marine trout farming in the South of England.

The demonstration provides a wonderful opportunity for constructive research involving multiple stakeholders/interested parties, as well as providing a commercial operator the chance to develop a new market.

The project team has recently (July 2014) published a Q&A document to address common questions that have been received. This is also in response to provide some further information in relation to a few references that have been spotted in the press.

After a two-year period including local consultation, the project team is currently engaged in identifying and appointing a commercial partner to help develop a demonstration project off the coast of Cornwall.

Once this partner has been appointed the demonstration project is expected to take about two years to develop to the point where stock are being raised on site, and a further eight years of gathering scientific data.

The purpose of the demonstration project is to test the economic, environmental and social viability of marine fin fish farming in the south of England, and the potential for net-pen production of rainbow trout in the coastal marine waters off Cornwall.

The project team is committed to exploring a high quality operation that meets robust environmental and fish health and welfare standards (in terms of legislation and best voluntary practice), to support developing UK aquaculture and seafood industries, and to work closely with local communities and all interested stakeholders.