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Marine Harvest Scotland first off the block26 January, 2011 –

Shoppers in China have been able to buy Scottish farmed salmon for the first time over the last two weeks.

Marine Harvest Scotland has been examining the potential of the Chinese market for some time and, in close co-operation with the Marine Harvest China office, ensured that they were in a position to supply from January 2011.

As Madeleine Easson, Account Manager of Marine Harvest Scotland, explained: “This is a historic moment for Scottish farmed salmon.  We’re delighted to be selling Scottish farmed salmon in China and it’s likely to prove popular in a country where fish is seen as a greater delicacy than meat and poultry.  We know the Chinese eat a large proportion of fish in their diet and Scottish farmed salmon is renowned for its taste and quality.

“We believe that the sales made this month are the first of many shipments to China and the start of a long term trading opportunity.”

The size of the Chinese market for fresh Atlantic salmon is estimated at over 10,000t and has seen considerable growth year on year through the last decade.

Scottish farmed salmon is a major success story for Scotland, injecting more than £500 million into the Scottish economy in 2008. Scotland is the second largest salmon producing country in the world and its exports have increased by 500% in the last 20 years.  Salmon accounts for forty per cent of Scottish food exports.

Marine Harvest Scotland is currently identifying appropriate sites to develop open sea fish farming in order to increase capacity and meet growing demand for its product.