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LIFT UP will be selling the HAVSTERK morts barge24 July, 2009 –

HAVSTERK AS and LIFT UP AKVA AS have signed an agreement appointing LIFT UP as the sole distributor of the new HAVSTERK morts barge. During the upcoming AQUA NOR exhibition in Trondheim, August 18th to 21st, a morts barge will be shown.

HAVSTERK AS has developed a series of barges for handling and treating morts from fish farms. The barges are built from composite material and equipped with crane, mill from STETTE AS, mixer and automatic introduction of acid. Till now 3 barges have been built: One 100MT barge has been in service at Leroy, and two 60MT barges. One of these is in operation at Steinvik Fiskefarm. Also a 200MT barge has been constructed.LIFT UP AKVA AS is the world-leader in extraction systems for morts from fish farms and has a wide specter of collectors and auxiliary equipment which is being produced in Norway and Chile for distribution world-wide.HAVSTERK and LIFT UP have signed an agreement whereby LIFT UP will market and sell the morts barges, which are constructed by Mundal Båt AS.Alex Vassbotten, who has developed the barges, says that it has been a long road from idea to finished product, and that he is very pleased that LIFT UP will take over the distribution.Einar Holmefjord from LIFT UP, who for 20 years has been developing environmentally sound solutions for collection and handling of morts, uneaten feed and feces from fish farms, considers the new morts barge as one of the most significant innovations in the aquaculture industry for many years, and says that it is a vote of confidence that HAVSTERK is appointing LIFT UP as sole distributor.A new morts barge will be shipped to Trondheim and moored at the Skansen pier as a floating demonstration during Aqua Nor which runs from August 18th through 21st. The barge has a capacity of 60MT. LIFT UP will be demonstrating their newest collectors on the barge as well as a new underwater robot/camera from Ben Marine.HAVSTERK and LIFT UP will have barges ready for delivery on short notice if need be. Normal delivery time is 4 to 8 weeks from order.