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Kofi Annan is keynote speaker for AquaVision 201219 January, 2012 –

Kofi Annan, for 10 years Secretary-General of the United Nations, will be the main speaker at AquaVision 2012, 11–13 June in Stavanger, Norway.

Mr Annan will directly address the food security challenges of the coming decades. The conference will explore ways in which aquaculture can contribute sustainably to feeding the growing world population.

AquaVision is a world-class aquaculture conference that attracts a diverse range of stakeholders to Stavanger every two years and will do so again in June 2012. The conference, organised by Skretting and its parent company Nutreco since 1996, has established itself as an important meeting place for some 400 participants from around 30 countries.

According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) global food production needs to increase by 70% by 2050. The growth within aquaculture will provide an important part of that future food supply, but paying particular attention to environmental concerns.

The theme for AquaVision 2012 is ‘Meeting tomorrow today’ and the two-day programme will focus on the three main topics: “Feeding 9 billion people in a sustainable way”, “The blue revolution in Asia” and “Beyond tomorrow”.

Kofi Annan will contribute with his knowledge and experience on global food security for a growing population. Mr Annan was the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, serving two terms from 1 January 1997 to 31 December 2006. Since leaving the United Nations, Kofi Annan has continued to press for better policies to meet the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable. He has also continued to use his experience to mediate and resolve conflict.

As chairman of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, Kofi Annan has warned that the current food security crisis, with almost one billion people hungry, could turn into a permanent disaster, endangering millions of lives and undermining international cooperation. Along with tackling the linked problem of climate change, delivering global food and nutrition security is the challenge of our time, according to Mr Annan.

Skretting and Nutreco are finalising the details for this ninth AquaVision conference. It will bring a wide range of speakers from all continents and will give delegates a unique combination of information and opinion.