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International Aquaculture Focus on South Australia in 201428 November, 2013 –

South Australia’s world-renowned aquaculture sector will be under the spotlight next year as Adelaide plays host to the World Aquaculture Conference.

South Australian Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Gail Gago said winning the hosting rights was a coup for South Australia, with between 2,000 to 3,000 delegates expected to attend and inject up to $11.5 million into the State’s economy.

“Port Lincoln just hosted the Australian seafood industry national conference, and now with the premier international aquaculture science and industry event coming to Adelaide next year, it shows how well regarded South Australia is as a producer of premium and safe seafood from a clean aquatic environment,” Ms Gago said.

“Hosting the conference presents a fantastic opportunity to showcase to the international industry our production techniques, regulatory frameworks, research and innovation as well as the growing connection between aquaculture and tourism.”

It is anticipated that the conference will be one of the largest ever held in South Australia.

Minister Gago said with South Australian aquaculture production at the farm gate valued at over $241 million and the sector now making up more than 54 per cent of the state’s seafood production, the industry is a significant employer, particularly in regional areas.

“The recently released independent Economic Impact of Aquaculture on the South Australian State and Regional Economies for 2011-12 shows the value of aquaculture production grew 11 per cent on the previous year, up by more than $23 million,” Ms Gago said.

“These aquaculture businesses are regional businesses, and it is testament to the ingenuity and enterprise of regional communities that they continue to grow and prosper.

“Aquaculture is one of the great success stories of regional employment and innovation, directly generating 1,147 full time jobs and another 1,510 indirectly, 65 per cent of which are based outside the greater Adelaide area.”

Chair of the conference steering committee and President-elect of the World Aquaculture Society Dr Graham Mair said with aquaculture one of the fastest growing food producing sectors in the world, the conference and its theme of ‘Create Nurture Grow’ will showcase industry success stories.

“World Aquaculture Adelaide 2014 will bring together the results of research, industry know-how and the latest technological advances in one place, combined with one of the largest aquaculture trade shows in the world,” he said. “It really does provide a unique opportunity for the exchange of ideas”.

“Almost half the global consumption of seafood now comes from fish farms, and for the first time in modern history the world is producing more farmed fish than farmed beef, representing a historic shift in food production.

“As a result, aquaculture is playing an increasingly important role in meeting the challenge of global food security, making an event such as this highly significant for the future of the industry.”

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