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Innovation hallmarks fish farm refurb 26 May, 2014 –

A NUMBER of fish farm pens at The Scottish Salmon Company’s (SSC) Toward site on Loch Striven have been upgraded using innovative new manufacturing techniques by Fusion Marine.

The refurbishment of eight existing two-ring pens to the highly successful three-ring Oceanflex model is part of SSC’s ongoing strategy to ensure that only the highest quality and most modern equipment is used for its farming operations.

As part of the programme, Fusion Marine has teamed up with polyethylene (PE) jointing specialist ControlPoint to utilise its suite of technologies, enabling Fusion engineers to upgrade the farm whilst being supported by two new advanced information and inspection systems.

Fusion Marine pens are constructed incorporating a combination of two proven PE jointing methods – Electrofusion and butt fusion.

For Electrofusion joints, they are now using the ‘BlueBox’ technology, which is mounted onto Electrofusion welders.

The system, which is driven by a smartphone app, is used to record data such as weld information along with multiple photographs and a GPS location for each joint which is then sent in data format for online analysis by ControlPoint’s dedicated inspection team.

This gives operators real-time information on joint status and alert messages are triggered if necessary.

Fusion Marine is also leading the way with butt fusion and has been one of the earliest adopters of ControlPoint’s innovative ‘BDI’ tool.

This machine works on a similar principle to ‘BlueBox’, offering an instant, quantitative test of each weld by testing the ‘weld bead’ that is formed and removed after a butt fusion joint is carried out. 

Manual visual and physical ‘bend back’ tests are performed as standard practice by operators as part of the post-welding process inspection. ‘BDI’ takes this inspection to the next level.

The adoption of these two advanced technologies is an integral part of Fusion Marine’s commitment to deliver the best possible customer service by continually innovating and enhancing its supply and installation standards.

Rhuaraidh Edwards of Fusion Marine said: ‘We became aware of the ControlPoint service in September 2013 and immediately recognised the benefits that it could bring to us and our clients.

‘Although we are confident in our consistently high jointing standards, we saw an opportunity to prove this to our clients.

‘Our link with ControlPoint has enabled this and we are now able to submit detailed joint records to our customers at the end of each project.

‘Our site teams have found the technology to be very user-friendly and are also grateful for the opportunity to document their high working standards.’

Tom Holdsworth of ControlPoint said: ‘This is quite a unique project for us as our traditional focus is on well-established polyethylene sectors such as the water and gas markets.

‘The principle remains the same, though, with a need to introduce quality control measures that give the client a number of extra assurances.

‘Forming a close relationship with Fusion Marine has allowed us to turn this into a reality over the past few months.’