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Iceland fish group denies British Seafood link05 March, 2010 –

ONE of Iceland’s largest seafood businesses has issued a statement stressing in strong terms that it is not affected by the British Seafood collapse even though its main shareholder, Mark Holyoake, is also founder and head of British Seafood.

The big Reykjavik based fish producer Iceland Seafood International (ISI) has said: “Further to media coverage of the issues at British Seafood, Iceland Seafood International would like to confirm that British Seafood is not a shareholder of ISI. No financial, legal, funding or operational links exist between the two companies and the fact that parts of British Seafood are in administration does not in any way affect Iceland Seafood International.

“The three shareholders of ISI are Mark Holyoake, Benedikt Sveinsson, ISI‘s Chairman and Bjarni Benediktsson, Managing Director for ISI Iceland. Mark Holyoake is also a shareholder in British Seafood.

The statement adds: “ISI is a strong and well funded worldwide sales and marketing company for frozen, salted and fresh seafood company operating eight different subsidiaries across Europe, North-America and Asia.”

ISI’s history goes back more than 60 years, but the more recent structure goes back to 2004 when the present company was created. The company has a base in the UK, run from an office near Hull.

Mr Holyoake, was reported to have taken a 70 per cent stake in ISI in November last year. So far Mr Holyoake has yet to make any comment about the British Seafood situation which has had a major impact on the Grimsby fish processing industry, a large food service company in Ireland and on fish trading interests in the Far East.