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Food fit for a…President 18 February, 2014 –

IT SEEMS that trout is now the go-to food of choice for entertaining world leaders.

When the French President, Francois Hollande, was entertained by Prime Minister David Cameron a few weeks ago, lunch comprised a selection of locally sourced quality British produce, including fillet of Bibury Trout.

And, last Tuesday at a state dinner at the White House – which marked the first formal visit of a Head of State to the United States in two years – President Barack Obama presented the French Premier with smoked trout hors d’oeuvres, courtesy of US trout producer Ducktrap River or Maine.

In a statement from the British Trout Association (BTA), it was suggested that it is perhaps the health benefits of trout that are boosting its reputation as the food of choice for world leaders. 

Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, trout is great for the brain and helps boost memory power. A diet that includes trout also helps towards maintaining a healthy heart, whilst also providing essential vitamins and minerals.

Although, they added, it is probably because it is so tasty. Either way, the BTA was thrilled to see quality trout being showcased as a premium product on menus at high-level events.