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FishFrom frontman ‘has bottled it’ claims Jaffa26 May, 2014 –

THE decision by Andrew Robertson, the public face of FishFrom, the company planning to launch Scotland’s first land-based salmon farm, to pull out of Aquaculture UK, relates to Robertson’s fear of justifying the company’s ideology to the industry, says Martin Jaffa, at Callander McDowell.

Robertson was due to speak at the conference, which begins in Aviemore on Wednesday, but an announcement on the website stated that he ‘has had to withdraw’.

‘This is an extremely polite way of saying that the speaker has run scared,’ stated Jaffa on Callander McDowell, ‘speaking at Aviemore would be like Daniel in the Lion’s Den.’

The issue, Jaffa suggests, is that FishFrom has simply failed to raise the £20 million necessary to complete the much-hyped project to grow salmon on a land-based farm on the west coast of Scotland.

‘Who in their right minds would invest in a project that has no commercial rationale and whose sole purpose is to supposedly improve wild salmon stocks so anglers can catch them.

‘At the same time, the project is fronted by someone with no fish farming experience and although the project has recruited 9-10 people, some of whom are highly respected in the fish farming industry, they remain unnamed and in shadows.

‘Whilst the people behind ‘Fish From’ are happy to speak on TV or to the press where they remain unchallenged, Aviemore was the first time that someone from the company would be speaking to an audience of experienced aquaculture personnel.

‘We suspect that as the day approached, the enormity of the task ahead has begun to dawn on Mr Robertson and he has simply “bottled it”.

Supposedly, his reasons for pulling out relate to the absence of funding but there should have been no reason why he couldn’t discuss the ideology behind the project. ‘Aviemore was an opportunity for those who propose alternatives to cage farming to put their case and they have failed. If they can’t stand up for their beliefs, why should the industry believe a word they say?’