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 Fish Farmer » Fish Farmer News  Scottish solution to sustainable netting04 February, 2014 –

Two Scottish companies working together have arrived at a solution for the problem of used nets within the aquaculture industry.

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New mooring system11 September, 2012 – (29 words)      More . . . 

Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue meets in Boston16 March, 2009 –

Significant progress has been made in the Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue with the presentation and discussion of the Technical Working Group reports on diseases and parasites at a meeting on March 12-13, 2009.

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Strategic Contract for AKVA group in Malaysia16 March, 2009 – AKVA Group has been awarded a contract together with the Malaysian based construction company Erat Semarat Sdn Bhd for the building of a marine hatchery for the Malaysian Authorities.(309 words)      More . . . 

Free sample of March/April Fish Farmer Magazine 29 May, 2008 – THE March/April issue of Fish Farmer is out now. Highlights of this 52-page, full colour magazine include UK, European and international industry news, Aquaculture UK 2008 preview, Aqua Sur 2008 preview, cages & nets focus, the latest sea lice research, cod farming studies, and lots more. (86 words)      More . . .