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Fewer salmon promotions in the US 20 July, 2010 –

THE effects of higher salmon prices are now noticeable even in the US where the number of supermarkets offering farmed salmon on promotion is noticeably down, according to a firm of industry watchers.

For industry analysts Callander McDowell say US supermarkets promoting salmon are not as generous with discounts as they used to be.

Over the Easter weekend, seventy four US supermarket chains placed salmon on promotion and many were charging just $5.99/lb for salmon fillet.

But now, higher prices have reduced the number of offers on farmed salmon with just 34 stores promoting salmon. Whilst one or two stores have salmon at $6.99/lb, the average figure seems to have risen to about $7.99/lb.

“That salmon is no longer the value for money choice is also apparent from the fact that the fourth of July, despite being such an important holiday, only attracted six more stores to promote salmon than in the previous week.”