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Farmed salmon flavour of month for Norway during February19 March, 2013 –

The overall value of Norwegian seafood exports in February was 300 million Norwegian kroners (NOK) lower than the same month last year. However, significantly higher salmon prices are continuing to lead a recovery in the fish farming sector.

Last month Norway exported fish and seafood worth NOK 4.2 billion with the overall decrease affected by lower prices for herring and salted and dried fish.

However, salmon was flavour of the month during February. Rising prices sent the value of salmon exports soaring with an increase of 20 per cent to a total value for the month of NOK 2.5 billion, making a total of NOK 5.3 billion for 2013 so far.

Continued growth in demand for Norwegian salmon globally, and particularly in neighbouring markets in Europe, drove prices up and made sure that old export records for February were deleted, said Norwegian Seafood Council senior analyst Paul T. Aandahl.

The average price of fresh whole salmon in February was NOK 37.61 per kg, the highest level since May 2011.  Not since May 2011 prices have been higher.  If onecompares the rate of a year ago, there is an increase of NOK 9.46 per kg and since January prices have increased by NOK 2.90 per kilo. However, there have been signs of a price dip in the last week or two.

Norway increased its exports of  fresh and frozen cod by NOK 39 million to a total of NOK 476 million in February, an increase of 16 per cent. The EU remains the main market for Norwegian white fish. So far this year, exports of cod total NOK 997 million, an increase of NOK 77 million. Exports of herring fell by NOK 344 million or 57 per cent to just NOK 262 million last month, largely because of lower quotas.