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FAO wants aquaculture best practice review09 March, 2010 –

THE Food and Agriculture Organisation, FAO, is calling for contributions to the development of a worldwide overview and databank on Codes of Practice, Codes of Conduct, Management Practices and Technical Guidelines in aquaculture.

The chief of FAO’s Aquaculture Service, Jiansan Jia says: “We would like to invite all those interested in the promotion of sustainable aquaculture development to advise FAO of the existence of COP/BMP documents in their countries or regions.

“In particular, all aquaculture producer associations and farmer organizations are encouraged to send to FAO their Codes of Practice, Codes of Conduct, Best (Better) Management Practices, Technical Guidelines, etc. COPs/BMPs in aquaculture, as available with national and international organizations, would also be important and should also be contributed.”

Documents could be sent to FAO in hard copy format or electronic format, or, if available online, by informing FAO of the relevant website, internet link or URL.

For further information on the scope of this initiative, please visit FAO’s aquaculture gateway page: ftp://ftp.fao.org/FI/DOCUMENT/aquaculture/COPBMP/call.pdf

“Your collaboration and contributions to this initiative will be most appreciated, and your participation will be duly recognized and acknowledged,” added Jia.