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EWOS celebrates the one million tonne mark22 November, 2011 –

THE global aquaculture company, EWOS is celebrating reaching one million tonnes of fish feed production in a year for the first time in its history.

A world leader in delivering fish nutrition, EWOS has seen feed sales grow in line with increasing demand for farmed fish around the globe, and is confident of ongoing success. The occasion is being marked by a website campaign featuring the slogan ‘Thanks a million’.

Previous and current employees have been comparing this significant achievement with developments during their own time with the company, and their reflections show how much things have changed.

Per Sveidqvist, who retired as marketing manager of EWOS Ltd, the UK-based branch of EWOS, in 2008, said: “When I arrived at Westfield in the summer of 1988 I was told that we might reach 15,000 tonnes of feed production per year for the first time, which seemed an enormous amount.  We did reach 15,000 tonnes and it is gratifying to see that now, some twenty years later, the combined output of EWOS has reached such an important milestone by nurturing customer confidence.  I wish the company well in continuing to serve industry with top quality products.”

Alf Helge Årskog, formerly with EWOS Norway and now CEO of Marine Harvest, the world’s largest fish farming company, stated:  “I am very impressed that EWOS has reached 1 million tonnes of feed production in a year for the first time.  This milestone reflects the enormous growth in the industry and the great importance of EWOS, both as a feed supplier and a strong contributor to the development of our industry.”

Paul Williams, a former CEO of EWOS Innovation, also sends his congratulations. “EWOS has always been at the forefront of developing feed technology and for several years I was in the fortunate position of leading EWOS Innovation. Of particular note during my time was the development of Boost. It is good to see that EWOS Innovation is still at the forefront of developing feed for the salmon farming industry.”