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Emperor’s new clothes17 February, 2014 –

PENTAIR Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. has announced that it has purchased the assets of Emperor Aquatics, Inc. (EAI), a leading supplier of UV disinfections and water filtering solutions.

With the addition of EAI, Pentair is well positioned to address the growing concerns over biosecurity in aquaculture. ‘This acquisition provides entry into the growing UV market,’ said Karl Frykman, President of Pentair Aqyatic Systems. ‘It is the perfect complements to our existing commercial sanitisation products.’

By establishing a UV centre of excellence, Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems looks to continue development of tailored engineered solutions across all industries.

Pentair Aquatic Systems provides leading edge equipment, accessories and water technology solutions to the swimming pool, aquaculture and environmental water monitoring industries.

Aquatic Systems produces a broad line of products, from pumps and filtration equipment to thermal products, automated controls, lights, automated cleaners, water purification and treatment technology, UV sterilisers, electromagnetic flow meters, irrigation controls, and more.

Applications for Aquatic Systems products include maintenance, repair and renovation of existing in-field equipment, as well as planning and engineered solutions for new installations in North America, Europe and emerging markets, such as China, Latin America and others.