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COAST question SSC claims  20 May, 2014 –

THE Community of Arran Seabed Trust (COAST) has contested claims made BY THE Scottish Salmon Co in relation to its fish farm operations in Lamlash Bay. 

The Scottish Salmon Company has claimed that its Lamlash Bay Fish Farm has no impact on the seabed nor on the Lamlash Bay No Take Zone, established by COAST in 2008. 

In addition, the company claims that rather than having a detrimental effect on coastal waters, their farms help with the ‘regeneration’ and ‘rejuvenation’ of sites around Scotland. To COAST’s knowledge, no full environmental impact assessment of the Lamlash Bay Fish Farm has been conducted, despite COAST repeatedly requesting for one to be undertaken. Furthermore, there has been no study of the impact of the fish farm on the No Take Zone.Andrew Binnie, COAST Manager, said: ‘COAST strongly disagrees with the assertions made by the Scottish Salmon Company and would like to see evidence of the claims. 

We feel this is a blatant, and ill-judged attempt by the company to associate themselves with the decades of hard work done by Arran residents to improve their marine environment.