Aquasoja participates in the V Workshop – The Cultivation of Soles – Fishfarmer Magazine

Aquasoja participates in the V Workshop – The Cultivation of Soles21 April, 2011 – Tiago Aires

On April 7, Aquasoja, producer of fish feed, sited in Portugal, participated in the V Workshop sponsored by CCMAR – University of Algarve, under the theme “The Cultivation of Soles”.

Tiago Aires, director of Aquasoja business unit, presented the topic “New Technological Solutions for Sole Feed Production”. By focusing on the question of how to adapt the latest information generated by the scientific world in the production of soles feed, the conference aims to answer some of the questions raised, giving the industry vision and proposing innovative solutions.

The main themes of this presentation focused on what is intended for sole feeds, the characteristics of a good supply of feed and solutions on the best way to do it. The presentation began by discussing what is intended with this feed, specifically the need to produce larger quantities of fish, with lower costs and in a more sustainable way. In this presentation were identified several approaches to the problems listed, and some solutions were proposed.

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