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Gael Force set their sights

In July, Gael Force Group celebrated the launch of a new integrated range of HD camera technology products under their SeaSight brand. Their technology range has been substantially advanced with […] Continue Reading

In The Deep

Spectis Robotics Ltd. have announced a new partnership with Deep Trekker Inc. to bring their remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to Scotland. Deep Trekker Inc. has a long history of collaboration […] Continue Reading

Diving In

Ross-shire Diving Services land major Mowi contract When Brian Watson and Fiona Cameron made the decision to leave successful careers in New Zealand to return to Scotland, it was with […] Continue Reading

The GOOD Life

OK Marine is an active contributor in the fight against salmon lice. They use cleaner fish as a natural delousing tool and have built a complete concept to create the […] Continue Reading

Strong as an Oxe

Six Fluggaboats ordered by Grieg Seafood Unst Inshore Services are currently building six Fluggaboats for Grieg Seafood. These boats are being used as fast work boats for their sites in […] Continue Reading

Rising to the challenge

Unlocking the value of data in aquaculture – with a little help from space Aquaculture is changing. Climate change, rising production costs, stricter regulations and issues of social acceptance have […] Continue Reading

Ropelessly devoted to you

Nordic Cover produces high quality, durable and ropeless kelp systems for cleanerfish. A special lacquered coating means there is minimal cleaning and therefore associated manual labour on sites. Nordic Cover […] Continue Reading

Net Profits

NLB water jets specifically designed for harsh environments Cleaners of net pens both in-situ and onshore require reliable, effective water jet cleaning systems to remove algae, waste matter and other […] Continue Reading