Youngs first seafood producer to back discards move –

Youngs first seafood producer to back discards move Published:  02 March, 2011

YOUNG’S has become the first major UK seafood company to hail yesterday’s  EU announcement that the practice of discards – throwing over quota  fish back into the sea – is to be scrapped.

Leendert den Hollander, Chief Executive,of the Grimsby based company, which buys 88,000 tons of seafood every year,  said: “We welcome the moves to try to tackle discards as we believe the practice is unacceptable.  Discards are both a waste of resources and a barrier to long term sustainability in fisheries.  Just as our consumers oppose wasting food, we oppose the wasteful practice of discarding fish.”

Mr den Hollander said the the whole system needed to be  reformed as throwing away fish, was clearly wrong.

” We have campaigned against discards for many years and are actively involved with fishery improvement partnerships to drive change,”he maintained. ” We take our responsibilities very seriously and that’s why one of the actions we take is to encourage consumers to try a wide variety of fish species.  We believe that the process of reform must be tackled carefully and moved at pace because we won’t have sustainable practice across Europe while discarding continues. “

He stressed: ” Any time wasted will result in more fish being wasted. Action must be taken now to end this wasteful practice.”

In January Mr den Hollander fully endorsed the Channel 4 Fish Fight TV campaign by celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, arguing that it was only through transparent discussion based on scientific evidence that the industry could ensure best practice.