Young's chief hails Fish Fight campaign –

Young’s chief hails Fish Fight campaign Published:  13 January, 2011

The head of Britain’s largest seafood producer has welcomed the Channe 4 television fish investigation into the fishing industry.

Leendert den Hollander, managing directgor of Findus and Young’s, said it is only through transparent discussion based on scientific evidence that the industry could ensure best practice.

In a statement issued last night Mr den Hollander maintained: “As an on-going source of good quality protein, fish has an essential part to play in the healthy diet of the UK consumer. The long term sustainability of the supply of fish is central to our business and we have been practical innovators in terms of our buying policies and in the way we work with our suppliers to drive positive change.”

He said Young’s had been in the fish supply business for more than 200 years and had developed practical and positive steps through its Fish For Life programme which now governed all the species bought by the Findus group, whether wild, caught or farmed.

Mr den Hollander has also giving his company’s support to the campaign to ban the EU discards policy, adding: “We oppose discarding (disposing of fish at sea) and believe the practice is unacceptable. Discards are both a senseless waste of resources and a barrier to long term sustainability in fisheries. Just as our consumers hate to waste food, we hate the wasteful practice of discarding fish.

“The system must be reformed as throwing away fish is clearly wrong. We have campaigned against discards for many years and believe that the process of reform must be speeded up because, for all of Europe’s fisheries to become sustainable, all fish caught must be landed and properly recorded – and this cannot be achieved whilst discarding continues. Any time wasted will result in more fish being wasted. Action must be taken now to end this wasteful practice.”