Young's and Findus back celebrity discard campaign –

Young’s and Findus back celebrity discard campaign Published:  22 November, 2010

BRITAIN’S largest seafood producer has given its backing to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s new ‘Fish Fight’ campaign, which aims to end the practice of discarding fish.

The Findus Group, which includes Young’s and The Seafood Company, said it welcomed the initiative by the popular broadcaster, food writer and chef.

Last week he revealed how he had been travelling around the UK meeting fishermen, marine conservationists, politicians, supermarkets bosses, and the  fish-eating members of the public to get their view on the Common Fisheries Policy and the controversial practice of throwing good fish back into the sea because they are over quota or too small – a practice known as discards. He will launch his campaign with a special TV series on Channel 4 in January.

At the weekend Leendert Den Hollander, managing director, UK and Ireland Findus Group, gave his company’s approval to the campaign which, he says, will help improve awareness of one of the most important sustainability issues in EU fisheries.

He said: “We all agree that discarding is a senseless waste of precious resources, we also have to remember this is a very complex problem to solve. Driven by our Fish for Life approach, our business has been actively lobbying for improvement for a number of years, and we are acutely aware there are no easy answers.

“Nevertheless, much of the fish which is currently eaten in the UK comes from outside the EU, sometimes from fisheries where discards are already illegal. Models for better practice already exist and there are growing signs of commitment to solve the issue from the UK fishing industry.

Mr Deb Hollander added: “We’re hopeful therefore that – given the right regulatory reform – change can be achieved. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s campaign adds valuable momentum to that change.”