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WWF calls for minimum cage standards in order to prevent escapes Published:  12 May, 2005

A NEW report by WWF Norway warns of the impacts

of escaped farmed salmon on the wild salmon population.

Norway, is the world’s largest farmed salmon producer and the report concludes that escaped farmed salmon put wild salmon under greater threat of disease,genetic contamination and spawning disruptions, undermining wild salmon’s ability to survive. With large numbers of escaped farmed salmon reported in Scotland earlier this year and the fact that Scotland ranks third in the global

production of farmed salmon, the findings of this new report may

strengthen widespread calls for more secure cages for farmed salmon in

Scottish waters to reduce the possibility of escapees, even in extreme

weather conditions. “Escapee farmed salmon is a problem from an economic as well as an environmental perspective – no-one benefits if farmed salmon escape. A simple solution would be to introduce minimum cage standards for the

industry. We urge the Scottish Executive to introduce such standards

quickly, to prevent the problem of escapees getting worse for

Scotland’s industry and our wild salmon population,” said Laura

Bateson of the Joint WWF/SWT Marine Programme.

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