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West Country fisherman to be new NFFO chairman Published:  25 July, 2011

THE National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations has a new chairman –  Paul Trebilcock, who is also chief executive of the Cornish Fish Producers’ Organisation.

Paul will take over the position next summer from Arnold Locker of Whitby and in the meantime will hold the position of NFFO Chairman-Elect.

 Arnold Locker said: “Paul is the well-known and highly active Chief Executive of the Cornish PO and although he is probably the youngest Chairman that we have had, he comes with a wealth of experience. We try to ensure that if we have a North Sea President and we have an Area VII Chairman. This appointment continues that useful balance.”

He added: “Paul will be taking over at a truly critical time for our industry, with CFP reform, marine conservation zones and other vital decisions taken on his watch.”

Paul Trebilock comes from a traditional fishing family and has been involved professionally in the fishing industry for more than seven years. He has a deep understanding of quay side realities as well as the political complexities of the fisheries involved.

As chief executive for one of the largest producer organisations in England Wales and Northern Ireland, Paul is responsible for managing the majority of UK quota opportunities in the Western approaches and Celtic sea, as well as marketing catches.

The Cornish Fish Producers Organisation began in 1976 as a non-profit making co-operative, and today consists of 210 fishing vessel-owning members from all over Cornwall. It’s fishermen own vessels ranging in size from a 5-metre single-handed cove boat to a 38 metre beam trawler.

The NFFO was established in 1977 during the negotiations for the 1983 Common Fisheries Policy agreement. The paramount importance of being able to speak with a single industry voice has remained the defining feature of the NFFO’s existence.

Initially, the NFFO was formed and centred on the North East of England with a few outposts on the West coast and South coast. Gradually the NFFO’s membership was extended to cover the whole of the English coast, Welsh coast, Northern Ireland and the Channel Isles.