Weather forces white fish prices up –

Weather forces white fish prices up Published:  28 October, 2008

FARMED salmon from Scotland and Norway seemed to be about the only popular species of fish with stable price levels this week as weather problems forced white fish prices up again.

With the Iceland banking payments crisis now hopefully behind them, the Grimsby and Hull markets had reasonable supplies with Grimsby receiving around 3,300 boxes

However, cod was very expensive almost reaching the levels of a couple of weeks ago with large cod selling at up to £3.70 a kilo. Haddock was a little more reasonable with a top price of about £2.60 a kilo.

Bad weather is again the villain and leading seafood supplier to the seafood industry, M&J Seafoods says in its weekly market report that Scottish landings in particular could be down because of the gales. However, there is cod coming in from a variety of sources including Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, the Faroe islands and Shetland.

M&J said it also managed to secure haddock from Norway, supplemented by Scottish and Icelandic supplies. Headless halibut from Canada and farmed halibut has been readily available, but prices will remain on the high side.

Most buyers on the Humber say that at this time of year weather more than anything else is likely to be the determining factor on both availability and price.

With plenty of salmon coming from Scottish and Norwegian farms prices should remain stable. However, the pound is falling in value against the Norwegian krona and this could forces prices up in the next week or two. The price of seabass and bream should remain stable.

On a slightly bizarre note, the cut price supermarket group Lidl is selling ‘credit crunch luxury lobsters’ at £4.99 each.